Friday, July 14, 2006

Off the grid

We're headed out to North Truro for a week, and I'm taking a big step: leaving the laptop home. My only way of cadging a browser session will be the pathetically non-functional WAP browser on my phone, soon to be consigned to the recycling bin. (The vagaries of a semi-functioning 7 key are starting to wear me down.) No posts until we return, rested, tanned and re-connected.

Appealing to the crowd, for love and money

Support My Idea at Cambrian House I'm cursed with an unfortunate combination of personality traits: lots of ideas, but not a lot of entrepreneurial spirit. I've not been one to quit my job and start a company based on my own idea, or at least not yet.

I was happy to discover Cambrian House -- a site where you can post your bright ideas, have them competitively rated by other members of the site, and if your idea is highly rated, it will be developed, launched, and marketed. All you have to do is sit back and wait to collect your royalties.

Of course, the business has to be a success first. I may not get rich, but it's an interesting angle. Cambrian House is a crowdsourcing site -- soliciting not just ideas, but also many of the elements of execution, from code to logo and marketing materials.

In effect, CH supplies all the get up and go that I lack when it comes to followthrough on a bright idea. You can support my idea -- "Shared Strength" -- here. Your vote gets me one step closer to collecting my royalties... and retiring in the style of the successful entrepreneur to which I have always aspired.