Friday, December 16, 2005

The votes are in

Back in 1999, I led a creative team that proposed a project to then-client EMC that would place EMC storage boxes in giant glass boxes in Times Square, Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, etc. -- with automatic digital cameras. Our mission: take and store a photo of every human on the planet. Just the kind of hubris that we loved back in the bubble days... as I recall, the concept was met with a blank stare and a clearing of throats.

Six years later, anyone with a PC and an internet connection (OK, that's a whole lot of us) can be Person of the Year, complete with a giant Times Square billboard, even if only for a few seconds, thanks to Time Magazine. There's a simple elegance that overlays the technical intricacy of this campaign that you just have to love... the intertwining of the virtual and the physical is truly captivating and is one of those campaigns that leaves me saying "I wish I'd done that." Kudos to Time and their agency for developing it. Try it for yourself.