Thursday, April 12, 2007

High-end kitchens: I'm not the only sucker

I try to avoid posting on purely personal stories unless I can find some relevance for a larger audience. Finally, Consumer Reports has given me the green light to blog on my disappointments with high-end kitchen appliances. In an upcoming article, (described by MediaPost here) CR will publish an indictment of high-end appliances based on more than 5 million product reports.

And I thought it was just me.

Appliances in my new kitchen that are too unreliable to ever merit consideration for re-purchase:
  • ICON Electrolux fridge: icemaker replaced twice, still doesn't work
  • Wolf gas range: parts fall apart; multiple repairs
  • Fisher and Paykell dishdrawer dishwasher: sigh. Finicky and doesn't wash dishes well.
What's your experience been?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spent thousands on a Jenn Air professional series range. We had the repair man out three times in the first few months to fix 1) the oven light 2)convection fan and oven light 3) convection fan again. I finally gave up on the convection oven. It ran so loud it sounded like a jet taking off in my kitchen. It vibrated so much the grates on my gas cook top jumped and banged around, even with heave pots on them! The oven never heated up to temp. I sold the house along with my beautiful (looking) Jenn Air stainless steel range and I am now cooking on an ancient Creda range that is far far superiour and probably cost 1/5 of the price I paid for my Jenn Air!

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